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On June 7, 2012, in News, by Jason Brandiger

We are excited to introduce a new workshop designed to maximize your CrossFit workouts.  P.O.W. (Poole’s Ontological Workout) will offer something to everybody from beginners to advanced athletes. The goal of this workshop series is that you develop the mental skills necessary to reach your peak potential in CrossFit.  You will learn how to blow your PR’s (personal records) out of the water.  It has been said, “How you do one thing is how you do everything”. What you will discover through your participation in this workshop series is not only what stops you from performing in your workouts, but also in other areas of your life.

About the Instructor:

Garrett Poole, who has studied Ontology and how the brain works for the last two and a half years, will be the instructor for the workshop series.  He is currently continuing educational training with a doctor of Ontology of over twenty years. She is one of six doctors in the U.S. that have the training she has.  Garrett has learned that in physical training you can actually train your brain to safely combat the discomfort and all the mental stops that bombard you during a workout.

What you will learn:

In the P.O.W. workshop, you will be trained in proven structures and techniques used to maximize your physical potential through the application of a set of mental skills.  You will study how to mentally prepare for your CrossFit workouts. You will learn how to control your instinctive reactions to stress.  You will be trained in demonstrating selfless behavior, and staying focused on creating your best result.  In this program, you will learn to use a set of techniques to create your best result in your Crossfit workouts, and in anything you do outside the gym. This curriculum will not only test your mental motivation but will also powerfully expand it, allowing you to push farther and harder than you ever have before.  Contemplate what you imagine is possible in the realm of physical fitness for yourself. Double it. Double it again. Now we are in the realm of what you are actually capable of doing.

The Structure:

The P.O.W. workshop series is split into two levels; Level 1 & 2.  The first Level 1 workshop will start Wednesday, June 13th, at 6:00 am for 50 minutes, and it will meet Wednesdays for a total of 4 weeks (at 6:00am). The final class will be held on the 11th of July since we have cancelled classes on the last consecutive Wednesday in this workshop because it falls on July 4th.   The Level 2 workshop will require the participant to have completed the Level 1 workshop, and it will start after the first Level 1 workshop is complete.

In each workshop class there will be a lecture/instruction time and then you will have two workouts to choose from; a Mini workout and a Full workout.  If you are going to participate in another class that same day, the Mini workout is recommended. It will not interfere with any other class you may do. This way, you can participate in your other class without overtraining. The full Workout is ideal for those who will not be working out in another class that day. You will get the full benefit of the class, regardless of which workout option you choose.

Cost and Registration:

The cost for the 4 weeks of P.O.W. workshop classes is $65.  Attending a workshop class does not count as a visit against your CrossFit membership.  The space is limited to 20 participants per workshop, and it will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.  To register go to our Online Class Management System and select the “EVENT/WORKSHOP” tab on the top of the page.  Find the P.O.W. Level 1 Workshop and click “Sign Up Now”.

If you have any questions about the structure or the workshop details, please email us at

Here’s to your peak fitness!


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