Capstone’s CrossFit Endurance program is Lubbock’s elite training program designed for single and multi-sport endurance athletes. We provide a uniquely effective training program and supporting resources to athletes who want to achieve peak performance in their endurance sport.


Who we train

We train any athlete whose sport involves endurance including trialthletes, swimmers, cyclists, runners, adventure racers, and ultra-endurance athletes.

How CrossFit Endurance is different…

CrossFit Endurance is an extremely effective training program that utilizes training techniques that increases the participants general cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, and increases efficiency in the athlete’s posture/form in mono-structural exercises (running, rowing, swimming, cycling, etc.).  Typical endurance athletes train long and slowly, constantly building a “base” for that next race.  This produces constant pounding on joints and wear and tear to muscles resulting in trauma that could potentially disable one’s long-term racing goals. In contrast, we train athletes based on the science of the four metabolic pathways. Our volume of training is lower and more intense, keeping over-training, burnout, workout recovery time, and injuries to a minimum. We combine the CrossFit model of high intensity (HI) core-to-extremity movements and training and skill development that supports meeting the specific demands of endurance sports and increasing the athletes general endurance, efficiency, and stamina.

The Community

Capstone’s CrossFit Endurance program is not just a training program, but a thriving community of athletes who work together to improve both their times and lives. Along with our classes, we will be choosing local and regional races to attend and compete in as a team. The community makes the difference!

What You Will Gain…

Our CrossFit Endurance trained coaches are dedicated to seeing each athlete reach their individual goals. With your membership, you will receive the following:

  • Integration of CrossFit Endurance (CFE) programming.
  • Specific training instruction for your endurance sport.
  • Training day and race-day nutritional information and resources.
  • Skills and pre-workout routines for injury prevention.
  • Posture running analysis and development.

How The Training Produces Results…

Our CrossFit Endurance program has one objective… to produce faster personal records while reducing injury exposure to each of its athletes. This proven program has two components, CrossFit workouts and CrossFit Endurance workouts. The combination of the two high intensity formatted workouts is what produces results.

Join the CrossFit Endurance program…

Each of our Capstone CrossFit members automatically have access to all the CrossFit Endurance classes at no additional charge.  Attending an Endurance class is simply a visit on your membership just like attending a CrossFit class.  You can use the Endurance training to prepare for your first endurance sport event, train to improve your time on your next endurance sport race, or simply to improve your general cardiovascular and reparatory endurance, stamina, and overall running/rowing efficiency.

The Endurance Box Class Schedule…

You can see the Endurance class weekly schedule by clicking here:  Capstone Schedule.  If you have any questions about the Endurance Box program, questions on how to join the Endurance Box community, or if you would like information about personalized endurance training, contact us at


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